Empowering marginalized women & girls in rural Uganda.

We aim to holistically empower marginalized women and girls in rural Uganda through business development, educational support, training in sexual and reproductive health and gender mainstreaming.

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Inspiring Change

We are Gejja Women Foundation, we Respond to the prevailing challenges in rural Uganda by Empowering marginalised women and Girls to become Economically independent,strong, and self-determined leaders of Change.  We focus on the Economic,Educational and social empowerment as a fundamental driver of change



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Safe Girl Reusable pads

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Our Approach

We respond to the prevailing challenges in rural Uganda by empowering marginalized women and girls to become economically independent, strong and self-determined leaders of change. We focus on economic-, educational- and social empowerment as a fundamental driver of change.


Health & wellness is deeply ingrained in our work at Gejja.


In order for a young woman to thrive, we have to invest in her future.

Economic Empowerment

We help women produce sufficient food, while also earning an income.

What we do

Empowering women increases their chances to contribute to a diverse and just society and contributes to inclusive economic growth.

Safe Girl
Reusable Kits

We are Safe Girl, we envision a generation where Menstrual products are affordable so that no woman is ashamed, oppressed, or isolated because of her Periods.


When women are able to learn, earn and save, they become agents of change in their communities,hence we are empowering local women to start up enterprises.


Education is the KEY to empower a Girl’ At Gejja women Foundation, we believe so and hence offer Educational Scholarships to Rural girls so as to be empowered.


In nature, waste does not exist. There is only production and consumption; We would like to be part of a world where there is Zero Hunger hence creating systems.


We train the women and girls in urban gardening by creating innovative kitchen- and school gardens using the small space of land that is available.


Freedom cannot be achieved unless women have been emancipated from all kinds of oppression.” “We need to stop buying into the myth about gender equality.