About Us

Gejja is a social enterprise, creating awareness about the vulnerable situation of women in Ugandan societies and empowering them to become economically independent, self-determined and able to stand up for their rights.

We are thrilled to introduce our empowering mission that focuses on transforming the lives of marginalized rural women and girls. At the core of our vision is the belief that economic independence, proper menstrual hygiene management, permaculture and regenerative agricultural practices, and gender mainstreaming are fundamental pillars for creating sustainable and thriving communities.

Through our various initiatives, we have impacted over 250000 lives of women and girls in recognizing the significance of menstrual hygiene management in promoting the health and dignity of women; we have embraced sustainable agricultural methods to enhance food security, protect the environment and improve livelihoods. And finally, we are aiming to challenge traditional gender norms, promote equal opportunities and create an inclusive environment where all can flourish.

At Gejja Women Foundation, we are part of a transformative journey to empower more women and girls, creating an impact on themselves, their environment, and their communities.

Welcome to our inspiring Mission


“Amazing things can happen when women support other women”.


We envision a generation of well-educated, economically independent and self-determined women and girls, who are in control over their own time, body and life and stand up for their rights.


We aim to holistically empower marginalized women and girls in rural Uganda through business development, educational support, training in sexual and reproductive health and gender mainstreaming.

Our Core Values

We love women and girls, and our deep passion drives our work and guides our daily work.

We encourage valuing and treating people with dignity regardless of Race, Gender, age, and Nationality.

Because we are a unique group, we encourage collaboration and working together.

We act virtuously to bring our vision to light regardless of circumstances or consequences.

The real meaning for us is to create positive change and beneficial difference.

 We emphasize empathy and kindness to everyone we encounter.