Nakanyike Bridget

My name is Nakanyinke Bridget, I am 15 yrs old. I live in Mpigi District with my two younger sisters and my mother.Before coming to Mpigi in 2020, we were living in Kampala. I would not be able to complete my studies because of our family not stable in terms of school fees to complete […]

Nalubega Daphine

My name is Nalubega Daphine,I’m 13yrs old and am a Ugandan by Nationality. I live in Bulyasi village found in Mpigi District. I stay with my grandmother and my younger brother. I was in primary six when the pandemic started, I got to know about the Gejja women foundation from my grandmother whotold me to […]

Eve Nalubowa

My name is Evelyn Nalubowa.I am 19years old,Iam a Ugandan by Nationality. I was born in afamily of 3 boys. I grew up in the village withmy family but life was hard where my fatherhad to go to Kampala to work, He used to sendus money however time reached and heabandoned us completely and disappeared.This […]

Namuwonge Alice

My name is Namuwonge Alice, I am 7 years old. I am in primary one at Hope Hill. I stay with my mother Mpigi District. She is deaf and cannot not speak which made it hard for her to get a job to cater for basicneeds and school fees. She currently work at Gejja Women […]