Chandiru Mariam

 MY name is Chandiru Mariam.  After losing my father at 4 months of birth in a car accident, l was raised by a single mother who had been doing everything possible to provide for me and my siblings and make ends meet. She would work late into the night, sometimes taking on multiple jobs to provide a living for us. trouble came when I reached menstruation. During my early teenage years,  I felt something painful and utterly different in my lower stomach. I ran to the toilet, thinking that I had a running stomach. I noticed a faint red stain on my underwear; my mind and body were filled with confusion, emotions, nervousness, and a slight pang of fear. I did not know what to do since my mother was busy trying to make a living for us. It was a significant and life-changing event.

I used a dirty cloth to pad myself while waiting for my mother. After the first year of menstruation, I got sick, and I was diagnosed with the signs of urogenital infection. The fact that to date, there are still millions of girls in my community suffering during menstruation, and I was motivated to work with the Safe Girl initiative.