Eve Nalubowa

My name is Evelyn Nalubowa.I am 19years old,Iam a Ugandan by Nationality. I was born in afamily of 3 boys. I grew up in the village withmy family but life was hard where my fatherhad to go to Kampala to work, He used to sendus money however time reached and heabandoned us completely and disappeared.This forced my mother to move from thevillage to mukono District to struggle for us tolive a better life. My mother,my siblings andI,started staying in a single rental room whereshe struggled Nail and tooth for our living.

While I was at school, I tried to look for every opportunity for scholarship as much as I could. I
got to know about Gejja Women Foundation during their awareness campaign about
menstruation in my school. That year I was going to miss school because my mum could not
support me and my brothers anymore. That day I decided to talk to them and fortunately I was
accepted to be supported by the organisation.
During the pandemic I got a chance to stay at the Gejja center where I met more young girls like
me and we where taught different skill both personal and professional. I was able to start my
own business in liquid soap making where I was able to sustain myself during the pandemic. I am
able to communicate and give tours at the center in English because I was able to learn the
language by reading from the library.

I believe to be a strong responsible woman in my future because of the values and
knowledge learnt during this long holiday. This year I joined my A level (S.5) at St Bruno
secondary school where I would like to become a fine Artist and a great model. I need 594
Euros (2,250,000shs) for school fees and 396 Euros (1,500,000shs) for school
requirements annually for me to reach my dream. I would like to take this opportunity to
thank Gejja Women Foundation for transforming me into a great teenage Girl with great
missions and ambitions.