Lwanga Shamirah

My name is Lwanga Shamirah born in 2001, aged 22. I was born in a family of 4 children. I am the second child in the family. I grew up with my grandmother. Life was not easy but due to God’s mercy life was very difficult for me and my family.

My education journey was not easy, but due to God’s mercy, I managed to go to Kankobe St. Clare Vocational Training Center, where I studied tailoring skills, which helped me to join the Gejja Women Foundation in 2019, where I am still working to date.

At Gejja Women Foundation, I work as the procurement steward in the safe girl sector and as the Welfare.

Currently, I am really favored as I can take care of myself and put a hand to my relatives and family and am really proud and thankful to the Gejja Women Foundation and my teammates for supporting me.