Nabatanzi mariam

My name is Nabatanzi mariam aged  23, i was born in 2000 . I grew up in a family of 6 where I am the first born. My educational background wasn’t so bad

I managed  to reach my O level and completed it then later joined a vocational institute where I took a course of tailoring and fashion design .

It’s from here that I started to look for a job, after completing my course. Finding a job wasn’t easy until we shifted from Mbarara to Mpigi after my father’s retirement. When my dad retired, life at first wasn’t so bad since he had some money to sustain us unlike now that he no longer has anything and he is jobless.

When we came to Mpigi, my mum had to move around the village to get to know the people around the community. It’s from here that my mum came to know about the Gejja Women Foundation and she was so much interested in what the organization was doing. She came back and told me about the organization.

I also became interested after my mum had told me about the Gejja Women Foundation and I wrote an application asking to join as an intern for 3 months. I only spent one month here until the Principal of my school called and told me that she wanted me to make clothes not pads so I had to leave and join elsewhere for what my school wanted. I spent 2 months in a new place for my internship until my supervisor came to see me.

Though I had left the Gejja Women Foundation, I didn’t give up as after my internship, I went back and applied again to join as an employee where I was granted a chance to work with them.

I really love my job and like what i’m doing .I like it when we work with different people in different communities. Right now I am an employee under the Safegirl sector as the Production steward and am so proud.

Today it’s me and my mum who are sustaining the entire family as my dad no longer works.My mum sells cold drinks and operates a simple restaurant. I can now pay my brother’s school fees and they are both in school because I am working, i thank God and am so proud to work with Gejja Women Foundation