Nabbosa Joan

My name is Nabbosa Joan from Nanyinzi . I am 24 years now, i live in a family of 5 but our father is deceased so we only stay with our mother. I lost my dad in 2007 when i was only 8 years i was still in primary but i continued with my studies until s.2 due to the influence of school fees , my mother could no longer sustain paying for the four of us fees so i had to quit studies and start working inorder for my siblings to continue their studies ,

After some time, my half sister came to visit us and found that i was not studying so she asked my mum that i go with her to the city and learn hairdressing. When I reached the city, I had no chance to learn hairdressing but instead became a baby sister. When christmas season arrived, they told me to go to the village with her child but on reaching the village,my mum wasn’t happy about my baby sitting.

My mother told me to quit the baby sitting, she got me a job to work as a house girl in someone’s home  but i didn’t stay there  for long since i had got a new job as a shopkeeper .On getting this job, i only slept there for only one day since at night when i went to sleep, the man who employed me wanted to rape me. I left the job the following day.

I got another home again to work as a house help but even here the woman used to mistreat me as she used to give me food that had gone bad then i decided to run and go back home.

One day a friend of my mum came and found me home then she told her she has a friend of his who wants to marry , to my surprise my mum told her that it’s okay i have to get married. She forced me into marriage at a very young age .After some time I became pregnant and the man I got mistreated me with my pregnancy. The father of my child told me to go back to my home because he wasn’t able to take care of me.

When I went back home,she could see me as a misfortune as she hated me so much because I had come back home after failing in marriage and at work. I had to dig in peoples gardens for food, sugar and soap.But after all this my mum took my sisters to learn tailoring then i told her that i also wanted but she refused saying that i was already mature to be under her care. This hurt me alot because she was the one who forced me into marriage.

One day as i was in the garden then had a lady calling for young girls who are interested in learning how to use sewing machines.i picked interest and asked my mum that we could go there with my sisters and she said we could go the following day. We went the following day but on reaching there, the woman said that each one of us should pay 300,000 shillings to learn. My mum turned curiously and told the lady that she had money for my sisters but not mine.

I really felt bad. The lady felt sympathetic and asked to be sleeping at the vocational institute with the children and that the salary she would have given me would work as my tution. I studied for three months and learnt how to use a sewing machine,and it’s from here that Lillian from Gejja Women Foundation  came to the place where I was learning from and asked the lady if she had girls who could sew,and the lady told her I was available. So I had to come and ask for a job which was given to me as a tailor. Thank Gejja Women Foundation for having given me the chance because right now i work as th Tailoring steward in the safe girl sector and as a cashier safegirl