Nalubega Daphine

My name is Nalubega Daphine,I’m 13yrs old and am a Ugandan by Nationality. I live in Bulyasi village found in Mpigi District. I stay with my grandmother and my younger brother. I was in primary six when the pandemic started, I got to know about the Gejja women foundation from my grandmother who
told me to go their to learn a skill so that I can get something to do because she couldn’t support my schooling anymore.
I decided to join Gejja because of what I had they do like making reusable pads, soap making
and books. When I reached at the center I realised there is much more to learn and, in the
process, I became the library attendant. This was an opportunity to become a leader and also
learn the English language through reading the books. It has been a great experience to
support my fellow girls with books and learning different skill. Luckily, I got an opportunity of
educational support from the organisation and I will be continuing with my primary leaving
exams this year.

After my school, I would like to become a professional teacher to educate my fellow young
teens and youths. For this to happen, I need 396 Euros (1,500,000shs) for school fees and 237
Euros (900,000shs) for school requirements annually. I take this opportunity to thank Gejja
Women Foundation for transforming me into a teenage hard-working Girl I am right now.
May God bless you all.