Nanyondo Florence

My name is Nanyondo Florence, aged 23 and a mother of two boys. I was born in Mpigi district . I was born alone but I have alot of my half brothers and sisters.

  Growing up, I had to be raised by my grandmother since my mother had to look for money   

  I didn’t know much about my father since he had left us for another woman, 

When i was 3 years, i fell sick and was admitted to hospital for 1 month and that’s when i lost my hearing and i couldn’t talk anymore, all doctors confirmed me deaf.when i  started school, i had to attend only schools for the deaf to be able to learn sign language. My mother looked for money for my scholastic materials and fees and also managed to take me to a boarding school at Butambala school  primary for the deaf.

I later joined Ntinda primary school for the deaf but I left it because it was too expensive and my mum could no longer afford the school fees there so I had to go back to Butambala primary school for the deaf and that’s where I sat my Primary Leaving Examinations from.

I joined Wakiso Secondary school for the deaf for my O level from 2015 -2018, then later joined Nansana Institute vocational school where i studied Tailoring and Fashion and design in 2019.

I didn’t  continue with my studies since I got pregnant when I was at the institute and when my dad came to know about it, he forced me to get married because I was pregnant. We stayed with my husband for 2 and half years and separated. I took my children and we stayed with my grandmother.

From here, my dad started a business of selling sodas and cold drinks. I worked in that small business until thieves broke into it and stole everything. I lost interest and I stayed at home until my friend Nabbagala told me about Gejja Women Foundation where I was employed as a tailor and as the Outreach steward .

I thank my friend who brought me to Gejja Women Foundation. I love my job and it’s so interesting working with different people despite my disability. Thank you Gejja Women  Foundation.