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Gejja women foundation is an organization aiming to respond to the prevailing challenges in rural Uganda by empowering marginalized women and girls to become economically independent,strong and self-determined leaders of change.We focus on economic,educational and social empowerment as a fundamental driver of change.

Gejja tourism.

This involves creating an immersive,authentic experience for visitors that allows them to connect with the local culture and community members’ economy while creating memorable experiences with visitors and supporting the long term success of the Gejja community at large.

Examples of experiential tourism includes the following:

During our tourism at Gejja,our visitors engage in different activities of their choice according to our plan and time table layout.

At Gejja Women Foundation,  farming is one of our major activities. Gejja generates one hundred percent of its own food. We recognize that economic independence is crucial for women’s empowerment. During Agro-tourism,our visitors participate in different activities concerning farming.
The first thing to do is to take a  tour around the farm then later engage in activities.

Some people prefer sleeping in sheltered houses with Air conditioners than having a night in the wilderness. This outdoor recreation allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of city  life and connect with nature. This provides a wide range of benefits,including opportunities for physical activities,relaxation and social interaction with the community members where you’re being provided with beddings and Tents.

SafeGirl initiative,is a project that Envisions on  world where menstrual products are affordable and accessible to all women and Girls in East Africa..We do this through manufacturing reusable menstrual kits that are safe,affordable and accessible to all the women and girls.Additional,we conduct menstrual awareness campaigns in both schools and communities by providing accurate information about menstruation,menstrual hygiene,reproductive health and sanitation at large,so that no woman will ever feel ashamed,oppressed or isolated or miss school because they lack what to use during menstruation.You are taken through the process of making Reusable pads from the tracing,sewing up to the final product.

Since we love everything that adds value to something,we bring the fishing experience            to your comfort.
During this activity,our visitors are provided with knowledge about  fish farming and how they are handled, fishing experience and later roast or cook their catch according to everyone’s taste on what to do with their catch.

 In this activity, many people feel at ease because they are not being tested.During the comfort zone challenge,we typically engage our visitors in new experiences or take on any challenges.we participate them in activities they are familiar with.


Since in life we eat to live,we engage our visitors in the kitchen,by participating in traditional cooking classes, local cuisines and English menus.